1984 Government Power Analysis

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Although the lack of a strong government may cause havoc within the country, an overwhelming abundance of governmental power will lead to the oppression of citizens, whether it be by law or from society. 1984 starts off with an explanation as to how the government attempts to take control of the minds and bodies of its citizens, through a wide variety of methods. One prominent example of the government attempting to regulate the mental state of people is the Thought Police, who uses technology, such as the telescreen, to invade the privacy of the country 's residents. To the government of Oceania, the only way to entirely eradicate physical opposition is to first extinguish any mental resistance, and more often than not, the Thought Police vaporizes any threats that arise before it threatens the authority of the government.…show more content…
Due to how firmly the National Socialist German Workers ' Party, which was lead and organized by Hitler, believed that the world must undergo racial purification, the mindset of persecuting the Jewish population still lingers. During the mid-1950s to late 1960s, African Americans strived to escape mistreatment they received from society, and this struggle came to be known as the Civil Rights Movement. From not being able to go to the same schools as whites to having to use separate water fountains, African Americans faced prejudice from the society that ignored their civil rights. The movement gain rights for not only African Americans, but it also gave certain rights to women and the disabled. In both 1984 and “Harrison Bergeron”, the subjected citizens living within the dystopia were stripped of their natural rights, and the underlying theme of an oppressive government are also seen in significant moments in
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