Nineteen Eighty-4 Analysis

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Candidate Name: Selin Yalçın
Primary Source(s):
• Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
• The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

In class we studied George Orwell and his opposition to totalitarianism and commitment to democratic socialism. We looked at how George Orwell created dystopias in order to create awareness of social injustice and how his work continues to influence popular and political culture. Specifically, I looked at Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) and studied the persuasive language of the party leader, Big Brother. During my studies, I realized there were similarities between 1984 and the Communist Manifesto especially in the means of political propaganda and use of polyphony. After
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“The Manifesto of Big Brother” will serve as a guideline for the citizens of Oceania before Goldstein was labelled a traitor and was an ally of Big Brother. That said, Big Brother will take on the role of Karl Marx, whereas Emmanuel Goldstein will take on the role of Friedrich Engels. I feel that writing this manifesto allowed me to look critically at the words of Karl Marx and Big Brother. As I applied the rhetorical devices, I saw how 1984 serves as a perfect analogy of the Communist Manifesto. In my manifesto you will notice evidence of pathos in the opening paragraphs as I appeal to the audience’s sense of emotion by commending on the success of the party. You will notice ethos throughout the manifesto as I tried to create an “ethical guideline” to the citizens of the dystopia. Furthermore, there is evidence of logos, as I appeal to the audience’s sense of…show more content…
Freeman or slave, ruler or citizen, rich or poor, oppressor or oppressed, it is time that we adopt a new language. We need to beget a new language, a language intact. We need a language that each citizen can relate to. A language that will eventually render today’s English, the language of oppression, obsolete. We call that language Newspeak. From now on, English shall be referred as Oldspeak. Newspeak will be the official language of Oceania and shall meet the ideological needs of English socialism- or as we now call it, Ingsoc. We will not hesitate to derive new words in order to make Newspeak the sole means of communication of our ideology and land. All party members are to use Newspeak words and grammatical constructions in their everyday
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