1984 Obsession Essay

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Do you ever feel like you 're being watched by the government?The novel 1984 by George Orwell is about a man that lived and a Society where The government called big brother Stride to Regularly every aspect of public and private life.In this novel the author Orwell Portray the perfect totalitarian society.The party controls every document of information far as the town 's history.The party also Manipulated the minds of the Children and the town.Big brother role and Oceania were to control any and every and the town.The effect big brother has on Winston is his wanted to control his Physically and mentally.Yes Winston is obsessed with both O’Brien and big brother the same way. Big brother role and Oceania were to control any and…show more content…
Winston’s obsession with Big Brother is fundamentally similar to and different from his obsession with O’Brien. “ O 'Brien, an Inner Party member, approaches Winston and compliments him on his articles in the Times. O 'Brien speaks to Winston about Syme, who is now an unperson and not to be discussed. Winston takes this conversation as a sign that O 'Brien is on his side. O 'Brien offers to lend Winston a copy of the latest edition of the Newspeak dictionary and gives Winston his address. Winston believes that this is the moment he has been waiting for, but he also realizes that by taking this step, he is destined for an early grave.”Winston has an obsession with O 'brien because he wants him to be apart of the rebellion group.Winston obsession with big brother, “ Big Brother and Goldstein exist in effect, and that is the only thing that matters to Winston. Orwell intended for these figures to represent totalitarian power structures; in essence, they are both the same. O 'Brien, in his incarnation as a Brotherhood leader, asks Winston and Julia if they are willing to commit atrocities against the Party, many of which are no better that the atrocities that the Party commits against its people”.The obsession with big brother is the same because he is motivated to find the truth about big brother and the history that was falsely documented.Here 's how Winston was obsessed with big brother

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