1984 Persuasive Analysis

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Big Brother is watching you! In the novel 1984, George Orwell sets up a world where the people are constantly under surveillance. Oceania is a totalitarian society run by an entity known as Big Brother and the Inner Party. It is also known for the four ministries and is ruled by fear and force everyday. The truth is whatever the Party wants it to be through the manipulation of language and propaganda. Oceania uses fear, surveillance, and torture to control their people. And, the Party is able to monitor its members almost all the time. In the real world, the abuse of government power in relation to the invasion of people’s privacy and going against civil rights has quickly come to citizens attention and has brought up some concerns. The privacy violations Americans experience today are similar to the privacy violations in 1984 because of surveillance, tracking, and the technology. Nineteen-eighty four uses surveillance to keep an eye on the people of Oceania at all times. For example, Orwell writes “any sound that Winston made, above the level of a low whisper, could be picked up by the telescreen… he could be seen as well as heard” (Orwell, pg. 3). This shows that the people of Oceania don’t get to have a private life because of telescreens and also other technology that is being used to invade in people’s lives. This shows that technology has a big toll on surveillance and being able to know what people are doing or where they’re going every second of every day.
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