1984 Persuasive Analysis

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‘Big brother is watching you!’ This sentence was and still is for a lot of people food for thought. It comes from the famous book ‘1984’ written by George Orwell. In his book, he describes how the world of 1984 would look like. It is strange to see how realistic and timeless his book is, as part of it applies to the present-day society. Nowadays the technology is more advanced than for instance 30 years ago, which has established many arrests and prevented some terrorist attacks. But is this a good thing? Being under video surveillance every hour of the day, being looked at constantly without knowing it? Video surveillance is still a very sensitive topic because it is an ‘invasion’ of privacy. Still, the crucial question remains: ‘Why is the EU still reluctant to use full video surveillance?’ Firstly, the paper will start with some background information about the emerge of video surveillance and the conflict it has with privacy rights. Then the paper will continue with some examples from previous years. After the examples, there will be an ethical view on this topic. And after that the conclusion follows.  Adjust when the paper is finished Background information It is difficult to pinpoint the exact date of the first use of security cameras; however, historians refer to the year 1913 as the first time ‘modern photographic surveillance’ was used. The photos that the historians refer to were taken at the Holloway Prison. The guards took pictures of a certain group of
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