1984 Persuasive Essay

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American citizens live in a world where there’s freedom of many things. Citizens are allowed to practice their right to freedom of religion in public worship places, free speech in public, even their sexuality in public. Yet there’s also an opposite world people have heard about; a world in which a totalitarian government forces its citizens to be subject to every law to the fullest extent, and the worst part? The citizens have no freedom at all. In 1984, that world is Oceania; the all totalitarian dictatorship governing body. The government dictates the people and rules with an iron fist. Most of the people are believing that Big Brother is the savior that came to save them from their demise. Yet one man believed that Big Brother is going…show more content…
They hear all, they see all, and they transmit all they can pick up. Our modern-day technology is our very own telescreen. ‘By sitting in the alcove, and keeping well back, Winston was able to remain outside the range of the telescreen, so far as sight went. He could be heard, of course, but so long as he stayed in his present position he could not be seen’ (Orwell 6). This quote tells whoever is reading this essay what the telescreens can catch. ‘Winston kept his back turned to the telescreen. It was safer, though, as he well knew, even a back can be revealing’ (Orwell 6). In case anyone has not noticed, many people have decided to upgrade to the Xbox One. But did anyone know that it is able to watch any human while they do their normal everyday activities and it sends information of what it picks up, while it is on or turned off temporarily until it’s used again, to the American government’s very own NSA? Since no one really didn’t know, everyone can reconsider having that nearly $300 gaming device. But knowing that the government can’t trust its citizens, why should the people trust the government? There are probably many machines that people know about and use that record us, but do they know that they are being recorded? With just the prediction of just the telescreens alone, George Orwell has begun to predict and warn us about the coming
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