1984 Power Analysis

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Authority and Power 1984 explores power through, manipulation of language and children. The fact the party has the ability through propaganda to influence the children to the point they are more loyal to Big Brother than their own parents shows the power of the party’s propaganda. The manipulation of language by Ingsoc and BB also displays the party’s power. They seek to completely eradicate the people’s ability to even think against the party, making ‘thoughtcrime’ impossible all together. Syme states “the revolution will be complete when the language is perfect” This statement is ironic evidence of big brothers plan of total power and control over the people. The statement is ironic as it is not at all a revolution, but taking the power…show more content…
But an act that can also be used to control societies. Sex and lust as a means for control is evident in both Metropolis and 1984. Metropolis emphasizes the use of sex and lust through Robot Maria who uses lust and seduction to control the men in the society. Robot Marias seduction can be seen through the montage of eyes to show the expression of the men listening to her speak. She is able to use her sexuality in a patriarchy society to control these usually powerful men to do as she asks. The use of sex as a tool to manipulate and control people can be seen contextually. Fritz Lang lived through an era where a cabaret lifestyle was not un-common, a society where women could smoke and drink in public and clothing become more provocative. This new provocative nature of women can be linked to individuals such as robot Maria who seduced men into being under her…show more content…
‘The party’ restricts sexual behavior as it competes with complete loyalty to the ‘state’. This is evident when Winston and Julia make love, thinking of it as ‘a blow struck against the party’ Winston also realizes it is the ‘force that would tear the party to pieces’. The party recognized the power of sex as not just an act of reproduction and is evident through Winston’s encounter. Through eliminating the act, the party is able to maintain control over the population. The party is then able to channel the population’s sexual frustrations and substitutes it with patriotism towards the party. This can be seen through the ‘2 minute hate’ using the sexual frustrations in the party’s favor channeling it against the enemies of the party. Winston says ‘two minute hate was not that one was obligated to act… but was impossible to avoid joining in’. Once again through Winston, Lang is able to reaffirming that the party has control over the people through restricting sexual

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