1984 Room 101 George Orwell Discussion Questions

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1984 Book Three Questions 1.) After Parsons was reported for thoughtcrime by his daughter, he felt energetic and was proud of the bold move that his daughter committed. Since the Party have implemented their immoral ideas onto the vast majority of people in Oceania, Parsons “[did not] bear [his daughter] any grudge for it. In fact [he is] proud of her” (233). Parsons has most likely been influenced by the morals of the Party to be feeling a sense of honorability for his daughter who sent him to jail to suffer. The society that the Party is developing contains an imbalance, since the children have begun to report their elders for crimes of various sorts. The civilization being created by the Party will suffer, as the Proles, who have political leverage, will turn against the corruption executed by the Party. 2.) Before Winston enters Room 101, he hears other people regarding the room as the most grueling and frightening sector being apprehended by the Party. In Room 101, Winston was held captive and was tortured in…show more content…
As Winston dreamed that O’Brien would meet him in a place where there is no darkness, he misinterpreted the allusion as O’Brien was now turning against him for his disbeliefs against the Party. The act of spreading prisoners to the Ministry of Love was ironic because they were completely tortured, opposed to “loving.” The misleading cover of the Party ultimately exposes the flaws and imbalances of the society which they attempt to create. The irony concerning the Ministry of Love is a vast representation of how the Party attempts to cover up the imperfections of their beliefs and
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