1984 Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Students should be allowed to read George Orwell’s 1984 in school. Although the book displays the distrust of the government, radical communism, anti-socialism, explicit sexual content, physical and psychological torture this doesn’t take away from that the book is conveying a message, that people should have free will in the battle against a suppresser because the book conveys the will of someone that doesn’t give up till the end to try and find out the “truth”. The book however shows that people shouldn’t give up to become a drone of a suspicious government, and to seek out the truth behind the façade, and that people aren’t what they really seem to be. Rebellion, the act or process of resisting authority, control or convention. In 1984, the definition of Rebellion is spread throughout the pages. The novel shows that rebellion has not just defied the government, but the common flow of the people. The novel tells students to have their “ownlife” and not to be a drone that just follows orders, but to know themselves and their surroundings. For example, Winston subconsciously…show more content…
While the novel’s government is a radical totalitarian one, it is showing that students shouldn’t disregard that there are governments that are shown in 1984. Students should learn and understand such extreme government types instead of being blinded that there aren’t government or people that are extreme and have total control. For example, if a child who was sheltered by their parents to the point they were home-schooled, shopped online, and had limited restrictions of internet and outdoor play, how would the child react if they were shoved into society? The child wouldn’t understand the concept that there are evil, horrible, and cruel people in the

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