1984 Suspense Analysis

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The book, 1984 by George Orwell, has an ominous atmosphere. Many elements go into creating the atmosphere. One element is imagery, such as the setting, events, and what the party does to the people. Another element is suspense, which takes place all throughout the book. George Orwell uses these two elements to make an ominous atmosphere. First is imagery, which is very important to the atmosphere.Imagery gives the reader a mental picture and key words reveal the atmosphere. One example is when Winston is going to his home and says “The hallway smelt of boiled cabbage and old rag mats”(5). This symbolizes how dirty and nasty the world is. The irony in this statement is that the Party wants the people to believe that the world they live in is…show more content…
When Winston finished writing in his diary, there was a knock at the door. He thought it was the Thought Police, but it was only Mrs. Parsons. Winston was very worried because he had committed thoughtcrime while writing in his diary. Another suspenseful contributor is when Winston and Julia are walking towards each other. In this scene, Julia trips and falls, Winston then helps her up. Julia thanks him many times and when Julia grabes Winston’s hand, she slips a note into his hand. Winston is so excited to read the note, but has to wait until he can make it inconspicuous. This is very hard to do when what is written on that note is very surprising. Later on in the story things, take a turn for the worst. Winston and Julia are sitting in Mrt Charrington’s upstairs room, talking about the future, they are caught. The Thought Police take them to different cells in the Ministry of love. Which is where they are going to cure them. This Ministry of love is ironic because they do not show any love. Winston is in a cell with many people, but one guy in particular. This guy is about to be taken to a room. Room 101 is the room. He begs to not be taken there. The guy wants the guards to slit his family’s throats but not take him to room 101. All the reader can think is, what is in room 101? Orwell did a fantastic job at using suspense and imagery to create the atmosphere. Many suspenseful moments happen to help develop and oppressive atmosphere. Imagery

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