1984 Totalitarian Government

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My topic for this ISP will be the positive role of Big Brother in the novel 1984 by George Orwell. Big Brother is a type of totalitarian government that invades the citizens’ privacy, personal lives, and individual rights. With these forms of invasions, along with Big Brother’s strict laws and penalties, such as torturing the citizens, Big Brother strives to instill firm order in Oceania. Since the laws are so strict and invasive for the citizens, some citizens attempt to rebel and overthrow their government. This shows that some of the citizens have a pre-disposition for violent behavior. With the absence of authority, the amount of violence and criminal acts should spike. If this controlling government were to randomly vanish, the people would respond in anarchy,…show more content…
Therefore, I want to prove that the citizens are better off with Big Brother as their leader. It is better to have a form of leadership, than no leadership at all. I have chosen this topic because it is new and insightful. It will be challenging to support this belief since people do not typically think about Big Brother in a positive way. What I am going to prove is a unique perspective on a traditionally negative aspect of 1984. Therefore, my essay will be intriguing to the reader. Tentative Thesis Statement: The Party or, Big Brother, plays an important role in the novel 1984 by George Orwell, although this government invades the individual rights of its citizens, the people of Oceania are better off with this government because in the absence of a government, the citizens would be subject to anarchy, including increased violence and crime, financial struggles, and power-hungry people. The major points I will consider in this paper are: - Comments that major characters say to prove they would desire
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