1984 Totalitarianism In 1984

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1984 by George Orwell, a text written in thought of what the future possibly could be like; a dystopian piece of literature that conforms and deviates from any type of standard genre with conventional aspects of dystopia to emphasis Orwell shows the novel imaginatively with a totalitarian government with features of dystopian control within a society struggling to survive under this aggressive party given that all humanitarian rights have been converted into crimes conjoined by an anti hero characterized so named Winston smith with elements of a dystopian protagonist marches into the rebellious side of himself when “fighting” the controlling party with a voluminous extensivity of views provided.

This fictional novel hides characteristics of
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The term Big Brother is used to refer to the government that invades the privacy of its citizens one of them being the protagonist, Winston is described looking at this billboard and he explains it to be large with a big face and a feature of allusion being a big black moustache on the figures face would most likely be introducing the ideology from either Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler and their totalitarian characteristic in how the regime is adequately based on their methods. The telescreen is a piece of technology used as an intelligence enhancer for the party in the hands of the Thought Police. “Mr Charrington’s appearance. His eyes fell on the fragments of the glass paperweight. ‘Pick up those pieces,’ he said sharply. A man stooped to obey. The cockney accent has disappeared; Winston suddenly realised whose voice it was that he heard a few moments ago on the telescreen. Mr Charrington…show more content…
This character was employed by Orwell as an unexceptional man in the setting of the novel. Him being who he is allows readers to consociate with instead of having a character un-relatable. Winston is the anti-hero the dystopian protagonist a common man expect he sees the trouble that and struggle that he lives in and shares it with his experience throughout the book. At the start it is already been said that Winston has an ulcer above his ankle making him seem weak and vulnerable but his true potentiality comes from the mental state his finds himself in, the will to overcome the government and their conventional dystopian contrivance. Winston feels ambushed by the regulations that have been enforced by the party through their assets being the thought police and technology which would be referring to the telescreens both of these tools used to keep the people under surveillance in conclusion Winston doesn’t follow the parties ways and he attends hate week which is a session that happens once a week where people express their feelings towards the party, towards big brother. This phrase was spoken by Winston showing the audience enforced by orwell his hate for the corruption “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER”-(pg.21).

To conclude the fictional text of George Orwell as one with deviating aspects
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