1984 True Human Connection Essay

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In the novel, 1984, written by George Orwell the country of Oceania has completely eliminated human connection within its own people. The citizens of Oceania are under control, so much that they are unable to marry for love and are unable to have a relationship based on love and human connection. The Party makes sure citizens are making love to their spouses for the sole reason of making babies for the Party. Citizens in Oceania live with little to no true human connection. In Oceania, one does not have the ability to have a true human connection like what people in the real world do. People in Oceania must get married solely to produce babies for The party. In real life, people fall in love, get married, and produce babies from love. Citizens in Oceania have no love and have no connection to the mothers and fathers of the children. The characters in 1984 have a, “Duty to the party” that is “Making a baby”(Orwell 85). Winston is…show more content…
In today’s society, people have sex with strangers solely for pleasure and fun. In Oceania sex is only for making babies and not for the human connection or love of the other person. Similar to 1984, most people do not have sex in terms of making love or for the relationship it creates between them. With the absence of love between characters, a true human connection is ultimately destroyed and does not exist between anyone. Winston and Julia eventually come together to break the rules. As they fall in love and make love, it brings them closer and closer together. When they decide to come together, it creates the only true human connection that is in Oceania, but it is quickly ended by the Party. The Party arrest them, tortures them, and destroys who they are and their love for each other. With the destruction of their love also comes the destruction of the only human connection in Oceania besides that the people and Winston, “Loved Big Brother”(Orwell

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