1984 Winston A Dynamic Character

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If People are degraded and abused should they take a stand? Should they take a stand even when they are outnumbered? Winston from George Orwell's 1984 projects this idea flawlessly. Winston is shown to be the everyday average joe, however, we see him develop into a strong-willed rebel. In the beginning, it is shown that Winston is a very dynamic character. He showed many flashes of character development. This development was displayed in the poems. The poems served as a way to track his quest in taking down Big Brother. Every time he became closer to his goal another section of the poem could be read until eventually it was finished. However, when it was finished there was a twist. Winston along the way met many like-minded people, such as …show more content…

However, instead of being killed, Winston was brainwashed into following the corrupt government, almost worse than being killed. Once again, The party degraded its members to the point of submission. Throughout the book, the reader is shown many circumstances where the main character, Winston, has been in a mental conflict differentiating the truth. Whilst writing in his note Winston depicted, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”(Orwell 98). Winston is portraying his thoughts on the party controlling historical records. It can be inferred that the party has been rewriting history right before the eyes of its disciples. In most countries and societies this would not be tolerated since the people can have their written records of the past. However, the party made it illegal to write anything down. Winston is shown writing in his journal and having to hide it for this exact reason. Seeing as the party controlled the past the people did not know what was happening, and the ones that did know were either hung, vaporized, or tortured into compliance. Syme a member of the party who stood against the party, …show more content…

This is often the case of what happens when soldiers are taken hostage. The opposing side will push every limit the men and women have just to get the information out of them. Oftentimes the prisoners are either killed since they do not confess or they are killed afterward. However, in other cases, the prisoners who do confess are so psychologically abused that they develop some form of PTSD. Much as most of the abused people in 1984 do not realize they are being taken advantage of. This is seen after Winston is put through the wringer while at the torture camp. The abuse got to the point where he could not take it and succumbed to loving the party. Orwell wrote; “He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother”(Orwell 298). Winston had become so overwhelmed by the mental abuse from the party to the point his views had completely changed. Winston went from a strong-willed rebel to a brainwashed Big Brother follower. The party put Winston through so much pain that not even his moral compass could guide him in life anymore. It was almost as if the torque developed Stockholm syndrome in him. Just like every other tortured prisoner his humanity was killed, along with his values. Winston, a man who hated every bit of the party to turned loving the party, he was now one with Big

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