1984 Winston And Julia's Relationship Analysis

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The Curious Relationship Between Julia and Winston The government of Oceania in George Orwell’s 1984 stresses strict restrictions on love. The Party claims that relationships of love diverge focus from Big Brother. Yet in this society,there are rebels that still forge relationships despite the pressures placed on them to prevent love. In this case, these rebels are Winston and Julia. They were successfully capable of forming the relationship in a way that the surrounding telescreens and microphones could not catch them. Orwell’s use of literary elements capsizes on the development of Julia and Winston as well as the relationship between them. One of the most difficult parts of starting the relationship was finding the correct setting. Luckily, Julia is able to find one of the best settings for this purpose: Victory Square. Despite the looming presence of telescreens, Nineteen Hours (7:00 PM) was a good time for the meeting, as “a dense mass of people were blocking the south side of the Square”(Orwell 114). It was the perfect diversion for Julia and Winston to get close enough for them to discuss their next meeting. The precise planning of the setting for this encounter solidifies the idea of how difficult it is to even have an interaction between two people of interest in the society of Oceania.…show more content…
Inhibitors such as strict rules from society and parents had prevented these lovers from interacting with each other. Despite those inhibitors, however, the love had still blossomed. If it were not for Orwell’s use of setting, dialogue, and detail, this would not be possible in 1984. Recognizing these techniques is crucial in literature in order to truly empathize with the characters in their struggle for love. By doing so, one can gain confidence in starting relationships, because they will learn that if Julia and Winston can love each other, then they can as

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