1992 Los Angeles Riots

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1992, a difficult year for citticens living in Los Angeles, California because of the riots, civil disturbances and lootings caused in the streets from April 29th to May 4th called The 1992 Los Angeles Riots, also known as the Rodney King Riots. These riots were caused because Police Officers of L.A arrested and physically miss-treated Rodney King, wich made the people of the L.os Angeles areas to start rioting, as the Los Angeles Police Department could not stop these events, they had to call in the Army and the Marines to stop these riots, of course there was a lot of people that got hurt, as well as a lot of property damage, and a lot of people were traumatized or left with no one, either because they were sent to jail, or killed. The story “Freedom Writers” takes place two years after the Rodney King Riots, on a place called Long Beach California, it tells the struggles of the young teacher named Erin…show more content…
Erin also made her students angry and yelled at them, knowing that those students she was yelling at in any moment could beat her up or even worse, kill her, but she was courageous enough to do that. And even after all that courage she had to have on school, when she gets home, she even haves to stand up to her husband, because he does not approve what Erin is doing with her job and kept trying to make her see that it was not the right thing to for her, but she was strong and knew she could be able to do great at her job. Erin had to be so brave a courageous to be able to do everything that she did without being afraid of the repercussions of what she
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