19th Amendment: Women Suffrage And The Right To Vote

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Semester 1 Final Question #51 Some stories/events we discuss in class is the 19th amendment,The 19th amendment was about the women suffrage and the right to vote,it was known as the woman suffrage.It was all ratified August 18,1920,” The U.S was founded its a female citizen and it diddnt share all of the rights as men”,And giving the rights to vote,It all diddnt happen until 1848, then the movement for women the women rights launched on a national level with a convention with the Seneca Falls, And it was all organized by oblitionist Elizebth Cady Stanton and Lucreita Mott.Also after 70 years of all the fighting they finally got it to come togther and fall in place with the passage of the 19th amendment.The
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