19th Century American Romanticism Art

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During the 19th century, the church lost its power and its traditional theme and the rapid growth of urbanization and industrialization led to to the birth of “Isms”. Neoclassicism, a revival of Greek and Roman art; a direct reaction to the excessiveness of Baroque and Rococo styles. During the American and French Revolutions, the political atmosphere began to lean towards an Age of Reason and Enlightenment. With admiration for classical Roman and Greek art renewed after excavations of Herculaneum and Pompei, efforts for style to accompany philosophy caused an inevitable return to the "classics"(AML 68). Early works of artists such as Jean August Dominique Ingres and especially Jacques-Louis David encompassed the thematic elements associated with Neoclassicism. David 's Death of Marat is another example of a theatrical piece that combines a balanced composition and symbolism with the moral undertone of the painting (AML 68).…show more content…
Characteristics of Romanticist paintings include painterly brushstrokes, a clear display of emotion, nature, and diagonals. Some examples of this type of art includes Death of Sardanpalus by Eugène Delacroix where his practiced use of expressive brushstrokes is made visible. British Romanticism was more focused on using pure abstraction to help create expression. Examples include J.M. W. Turner 's Rain, Steam and Speed. This type of use of ochre and white streaks was common, along with pastoral elements. john Constable 's The Hay Way and Dedham Vale are two other examples of British Romanticism. This type of art was easy to look at for the
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