1B. 1C Difference And Deficit Theory

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1A Nature vs Nurture Nature vs Nurture is something that many people argue a lot about. Was the person born like this or did he become like this over the years? Nurture has a lot to do with your environment, your cultures, your values and whoever is around you. Nature is when people believe that since the day you were born that was who you are going to be throughout your lifetime. In a way its like saying it was embedded in your DNA. Personally I believe there are something that you can be born with such as a child having autism. But when it comes to personality and what you 're doing later on in life I believe you are who you are because you have gone through many experiences that shaped you into who you are today. 1B 1C Difference or Deficit Difference and Deficit are theories. Deficit theory believes that the reason children don 't succeed is because of their social, cultural, linguistic and economic factors. The deficit theory has been accused of making assumptions of the child. The Difference theory is pretty much the complete opposite. The teachers should be…show more content…
4B Viability Well, first viability is usually when the baby is about 22 weeks old. This is when the fetus may survive outside the womb.The baby most likely need medical care if the child is born at this agent there are some critical factors that need to be there in order for the fetus to have a chance to survive outside of the womb. The most critical factor would be adequate brain development. The brain should be developed at a certain point so the child would have complications later on. After all the brain does control everything in the body. Another factor would be the age and how much the baby weights. These factors help measure the growth of the child in the womb and how he or she will grow outside the womb. There also should be any severe breathing problems which can be connected to underdeveloped organs. There also cant be abnormalities or sever diseases that threaten the survival of
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