1SG: A Conversation Process

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1SG, It has been brought to my attention after having a conversation with the Brigade CSM yesterday, that she feels as though you and I need to have a sit down and talk about a few things. The things that the CSM discussed could have been solved with a simple phone call. I feel if you had a problem with the verbiage I sent you in a text message from my personal cell phone to an unknown number that I did not recognize and also informing you I was at an appointment with my daughter, as a senior MSG you could have contacted me the next day and explained you had a problem. We could have fixed it right away, however this is just my opinion. Instead of contacting me you did what you thought was correct. I have no grudges about the situation. Honestly, I forgot…show more content…
(3) Units will request Food Service Specialist support through the Brigade S3. The Brigade S3 will coordinate through the Brigade S4 to identify appropriate personnel based on mission requirements. Once personnel have been identified, the Brigade S3 coordinates required reassignment/attachment orders through the Brigade S1 based on length of mission. 1SG this is why I get so frustrated. There is a process in place and everyone is aware of the process. However, the process is only used when it is convenient or when someone gets into a bind. I have not received any IRT missions in over a year from you. This was strange to me and I hope you can now see why, since you have not sent me any requests in over a year. I am asking you out of respect that if anything has to do with a mission, please let the system work. Please send any requests to the S3 and they will take if from that point. When it comes to the Fit for Duty. I just talked with my NCOs and of course, they are saying they did not tell you to put SSG Wright on a Fit for Duty. The way I am asking we handled all of this, is just like we handled everything else. If it does not come from Mr. Perry or

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