1st Amendment Right Analysis

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Our country was built with big minds. Our founding fathers wanted discussion. They welcomed differing opinions, invited discord, and encouraged opposition because they wanted to be released from the oppression and bondage of tyranny from Great Britain. They fought for our freedom so we could govern ourselves and our country The United States of America was born. One beautiful right our forefathers fought hard to achieve was Freedom of Speech, which is the right we each have to say our own peace and give our opinion without fear of societal sanction.
By placing a picture on my Facebook page, I exercised my 1st Amendment Right. It was not aimed at you, it was not a personal attack against you, it wasn’t even posted with any thought of you. You said you are ‘so sorry and extremely disappointed to see this post’. I truly am sorry you are offended somehow by my post. I’m not going to take it down because you have a different opinion than I have. I’m not going to take it down because you are offended. I exercised my right to express my own opinion. Your opinion does not weigh more than mine, so I will keep it as my profile picture until such time as I am ready to change it.
You are right, we do live in the United States of America, not
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You had the opportunity to tell me some reason why Mr. Trump is going to be a great President, instead you managed to disrespect President Obama and me in the same sentence. You said I should “put on my big girl pants and support him or get out of the way”. I am nowhere in his way. He was elected President without my support and without my vote. I’m an adult and I don’t appreciate the implication that I am acting out as a child by expressing an opinion that differs from yours. I knew I would be ridiculed by posting something provocative, but I posted it anyway because, as an adult, I put my big girl pants on every day and can handle opposition without attacking someone
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