First Birthday Research Paper

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Preconception to 1st Birthday Essay

For most people having a baby can be very exciting, but it can also make several people feel terrified or worried about what they should do or should not do for their own baby’s health. Specially for mothers who is trying to make sure to have a healthy baby. During prenatally and postnatally, mothers go through a lot changes such as physical changes and emotional changes during that period. For mothers to achieve a good optimal developmental from preconception through the first year of life. There are five important factors that can be done to make sure to develop a healthy baby. Avoid stress and toxoplasmosis during pregnancy; and after birth and during the first year of life, APGAR (universal precautions), breastfeeding, and communication are very essential to your infant. To achieve best baby development is to avoid stress. It is common for mothers to feel stress during pregnancy because your body is going through a lot changes such as emotional and hormones changes, but having too much stress can trigger the chances of having a preterm labor or low birth weight infant. Reducing the stress level is very important for preventing
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APGAR stands for Appearance (skin color), Pulse, Grimace(reflexes), Activity, and Respiration. It is a scoring system that determine the physical conditions of the newborn. It starts at one minute after birth and again at five minutes. The score ranges from 0 to 10 based on the skin color, heart pulse, reflexes, strength, and respiratory. If the baby score between 0 to 3 that consider a low APGAR score that might be a sign that the baby may have hidden health problems. If the baby score between 7 to 10 that consider a high APGAR score which means a normal healthy infant. After the APGAR exam is done, the nurse gives the newborn a necessary injection, such as vitamin K and vaccination against hepatitis

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