2.1 Explain The Implementation Of Policies E. G Confidentiality

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Task 2
2.1 Explaining the implementation of policies e.g. confidentiality, every child matters; legislation- Care Act 2014, regulations by Care Quality Commission (CQC) and codes of practice that are relevant to Rachel finding a care home for her mother
Current Policies e.g. Confidentiality and every child matters Act- the every child matters involves the health and social care workers ensuring that all the young people and children achieve the five outcomes that include being healthy, stay safe, to make positive contribution, enjoy and achieve the economic well being (Goodpaster and Nash, 2000). Confidentiality policy ensures that personal information is not accessed by the unauthorised persons. These policies will thus assure that Rachel his young person’s rights are respected and he mother’s confidential
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As a result Rachel’s mother will be able to receive quality and better health and social care in the care home that she will be taken to.
Both Rachel and he mother will be assured of their expectations regarding the health and social care because of the organisational policy, legislation, regulations and codes of conduct practice. As a result the mother will be able to receive improved service from the social care professionals in the care home.
The policy, legislation, regulation and Codes of Practice will assure the protection of the health and social workers and service users at all times form any injury, harm or abuse.
• It is very expensive to develop and implement the policy, legislation, regulation and codes of practice of the organisational policy (Fullan and Carmel,
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