2.1 Explain The Importance Of Transitions For Children

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Children go through many transitions, so it is important that the children’s key person is meeting their individual needs. They should always be positive and welcoming. When aiming to meet children’s individual needs, practitioners must regard every child as unique. Likewise, the practitioner must acknowledge that attachment is important for a child’s emotional well-being during transitions, therefore they must ensure that the child feels a sense of acceptance, love and respect. Similarly, if possible, a transition should be thoughtfully planned and organised so that the child will receive the appropriate amount of support and are able to do it at their own pace. 2 Furthermore, during transitions the key person has a vital role in supporting children and families. For example, if a new child is starting at nursery they may decide to give them and their family a home visit, where they may: give them photos of the practitioners and the nursery; give them a general introduction (including contact numbers and opening times);…show more content…
From the start the key person must build a secure relationship with the children’s parents so that they feel able to pass on any key information. This is not a one-off; there should be a frequent flow of contact between the key person and the child’s parents. This will consequently create a smooth transition for the child. Lastly, during transitions practitioners may also decide to work in partnership with other professionals. For example, practitioners may invite reception class teachers from the local primary school so that the pre-school children can meet them and are familiar with them when they start in September. Likewise, when suitable, practitioners may work together with other professionals, for example health and social services. Similarly they may ask for support from other practitioners and
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