2.1 Explain The Performance Management Cycle Analysis

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It is a fact that supervisions can protect the position of supervisee through ensuring confidentiality is any serious issues take place. We believe that this can be done from reflecting over best practise and polishing their capabilities. In addition to this, any emerging issue should be recorded and kept safely in files so that any sort of issue is not neglected and fall back on, as they have the record of everything. Learning Outcome 2 2.1 Explain the Performance Management Cycle There are five major points for the management cycle: Planning: The supervisor needs to maintain measurable objective in line with Organisational operation plans and must consult with the employees while developing objectives. It is important that supervisor must meet up with the staff for creating their performance plans. At this point, supervisor must avail the chance for explaining for the staff how their performance have a direct impact on how work goal can be attained. Monitoring: Supervisors must evaluate the overall progress of the staff at the time when it is due; instead it should be practised on a constant basis. Through evaluating it, this will provide an opportunity to the supervisor for making any adjustments or corrections where needed for achieving a successful…show more content…
However there are two major types of power i.e. Organisational and personal. The personal power often reflects the skills, competence and knowledge linked with an individual that makes them a professional expert. Within the role of an expert, an individual can apply certain level of power in different circumstances. Organisational powers are of four types this includes: reward power in the form of pay, Coercive power is actually a negative form of punishment, penalising procedures, praise or promotion, legitimate power, information power when any special knowledge and information is valued and recognised by other supervisees or staff
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