2.1 Explain The Principles Of And Barriers To Effective Interpersonal Communication

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Letter of Advice
Dear Jennifer and Timothy
I want to first congratulate you guys on your engagement. You guys know that my major is Psychology and I want to become a marriage counselor. When you guys first came to me about advice to for a long and healthy relationship I really did not know the way to explain but now I have taken this course called Interpersonal Communication. I believe I can help you guys with your relationship alone the way. I do not want to come off as aggressive are anything I just want to point a few things that you guy can do as individuals and well as a couple to make the marriage last forever when you are able to communicate with one another. As you know my husband and I as have married for about two years now and since
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In order to have an effective interpersonal relationship you must first apply a few steps to make sure the longevity of your relationship to the one you really love. (1) explain the principles of and barriers to effective interpersonal communications. (2) know the roles of self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem and how the help with development of communication. (3) self-disclosure and emotional intelligence. (4) interpersonal conflict. (5) gender and culture on interpersonal communication. Once these steps or analyzed and understood I could ensue the success in your…show more content…
In the Webster dictionary, Gender is fine as the “state of being a male or female: sex. True in this day in time gender can sometimes be hard to tell but there is still only man and female. You parents teach what is the difference between man and female and how important it is to respect one another. In a relationship the rule of respect still applies. In the book culture is defined as “Every society has a culture, or a number of different cultures—a relatively specialized set of traditions, beliefs, values, and norms, or standards of behavior that have been passed down from generation to generation by way of communication.” (Bevan,2014 chara 3.1). Your culture is passed down for generation to generation and many cultures have traditions that play major roles in the how people live there every day. In order to keep down confusion you must first under and explore on another culture, respect each other difference, look for common grounds, and be polite. Just because some does not share the same beliefs as you do not mean your culture does everything the right way and it does not their culture does it wrong. Loving your partner means loving him/him for who he or she is and culture is a distinct part of that. While cultural differences can introduce certain challenges, these challenges are certainly manageable within the

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