2.2 Explain The Principles Of Effective Communication Research

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Effective communication is the starting point for any relationships. We get information. The way of speaking, the tone of voice, the body language and eye contact tell a lot about the person. To treat each person individual it is important to learn to communicate effectively and need to be able to give and receive information. Effective communication is benefit for everyone. Principles of effective communication to develop positive relationships: - Engage with the person you are talking to. - Showing respect to the person. - When speaking to a person be at the similar level to he or she to have equal power and give and receive information equally. - Communication style needs to be adapted accordingly. - Listen and understand: Active listening.…show more content…
For example children need to learn that is natural to feel wide range of feelings and to openly express them in a positive and appropriate manner and they should not forget their own feelings and emotional needs when trying to please others. 2. Explain the principles of relationship building with children, young people and adults. More effective communication means that easily to transfer the information from person to person, more easily to understand and more easily to respond to. In situations where misunderstanding takes place, people feels uncomfortable and tend to avoid communication directly. Techniques to build positive relationships: - Make key points clearly. A good techniques is to get your listener to repeat back the key points. It helps people to remember better and ensure understanding. - Be considered to others. Consider their feelings and try to understand their behaviour (why they behave in a particular way). Also allow them to consider their own actions and responses as well as yours. - Listen to others to model respect,courtesy and trustworthy. Also demonstrate attentive and positive body language and respond appropriately. Always show interest whatever they say, even if it seems not very
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