1.2.3 Bone Detectives

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career journal activity: 1.2.3 Bone Detectives description: read interviews with forensic anthropologist and synthesize a definition of the career. my work: A forensic anthropologist is a group of people who investigate a dead body to discover its gender, ancestry, stature, ethnicity and other unique features about it. Through their investigations they can also discover how the victim may have died and other important background information that can move the investigation further in solving the case. A forensic anthropologist needs to be able to conduct research, know their bones, muscles and other body parts along with be able to make educated conclusions related to the received data and observations they find and make. activity: forensic anthropologist…show more content…
Standard Salary- $56,950 5 duties- * Advise people on what to eat * Help their patients set a health related goal * Explain nutrition and what it can do for the patient and their health and body * Keep up with the latest nutritional science research * Asses clients health needs and diets How will they help Hans? A nutrition can help Hans by providing him a meal plan / diet to follow and help keep him on track, teach him about nutrition and its importance / affect on the body, and keep up on latest nutrition science to help provide Hans with a better outcome. Activity 3.3.4 Respiratory Therapist: Respiratory Therapist cares for patients with breathing problems and diseases in addition to providing emergency care. Median Annual Pay:
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