2.3 Communication Skills

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In this assignment, I will be identifying three skills that are needed to be an effective Health and Social Care practitioner. It is important for the Health and Social Care Practitioner to have effective skills such as respect, interpersonal skills and communication skills to provide the best for their patients. The Health and Social Care Practitioner may need to make changes or improve their skills as a result of changes within the law or depending on their patients. According to Barnett (1994 quoted in Alsop, 2013, p.7) “has always advocated, professionals must be prepared to examine society’s changing demands and take steps to shape change, embracing new practices and discarding outdated ones. It is important for professionals to have vision and be proactive in offering new types of services that meet current and future needs as changes continue to occur for the context of practice”. This shows that Health practitioner should be proactive learning new skills and improve for the best outcome for their patients. For example when a patient feels afraid of loud tone of…show more content…
Also effective communication can help patients to understand the information such as details about the patient’s health conditions and advices to improve. ( Brooker and Waugh 2007) “Communication between staff is equally important to ensure everyone’s safety”. There are some factors that help Health and Social Care Practitioner to have effective communication. Practitioner should always use appropriate language without using any slang words or difficult words as it will help the patient to understand properly. Also the tone of voice can create an effective communication as Practitioner may need to use different type of tones for the suitable situation because tone of voice will mean more than actual words that has been
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