2.3 Explain The Importance Of Early Intervention Research

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Outcome 3 Understand the importance of early intervention for children and young people who are disadvantaged and vulnerable
Explain what is meant by both disadvantage and vulnerability
Disadvantage is a term used to describe a condition or circumstance that will reduce a child’s chances of success. A disadvantaged child may have reduced chances of success for a number of reasons including:
Ill health
Poor parenting (Or a parent with ill health or substance addiction)
Unhealthy environment
Reduced schooling
Vulnerability refers to the possibility of suffering harm. Harm can be emotional or physical and there are many reasons why a child can be exposed to greater possibilities or risk of harm:
Lack of supervision
Exposure to inappropriate relationships or advice
Failure of supervising adults to provide appropriate boundaries and support
Illness or disability
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At the age of 22 months a child`s educational level can be predicator of their educational achievements at the age of 26 years, thus reducing unemployment and low paid income jobs and therefore better living conditions.
Early intervention is essential to achieve the best possible outcome for the child. However multi-agency working is important too, when all the professionals involved with a child share information and co-operate with each other lives can be improved and even saved. Baby P is an example of

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