2 Chainz Birthday Song Analysis

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Music has captivated society as a vital entertainment source over decades. Music has transformed culture, told narratives,and contained meaningful messages through lyrics from an inspired artists. Society has revolved around music and welcomed the power behind the music. Even when music took a dramatic shift society continued to remain listeners throughout history. Music has continued to play a key role and a reflection of how society continues to transform. Overtime as music continued to gain popularity, society has turned about on what has fueled the rise of music. The positive role of music in the life of society has become inverted by mass glorified commercialism, brainwashing society into superficial brainwashed consumers. The first…show more content…
Listeners get brainwashed and influenced by what they hear. In 2 Chainz “Birthday Song” he says, “When I die, bury me inside the jewelry store/When I die bury me inside the Truey store” (2Chainz, “Birthday Song”). This is an unrealistic reality that causes the people of society to obsess over getting material things. Material things such as items from the “Truey store” have become a necessity. People actually believe they can live the same lifestyle as portrayed by 2 Chainz himself. However no one has the money to be as fashion savvy as 2 Chainz speaking for the common society. Members of the community are viewing the bigger picture of the materialistic message that has left a huge imprint on society and influences the way people think,feel, and see music. Nothing is more powerful than the way a message is perceived in the media today surrounding the entertainment…show more content…
Music is the new popularity contest. No one is truly benefiting, in T.I’s lyrics to “What you know about that?” he perpetuates the new mentality of society all in a few words. T.I raps, “Riding in shiny cars/Walk in designer malls/Buy everything we saw,” (T.I, What you know about that?) glorifying the wealthy style he lives. He directly flaunts it which causes society to obsess over having this experience. T.I has endorsed it, so it must be the ideal way to live. The fixed mindset, that goes along with unhealthy and unrealistic aspirations. People continue to praise such lyrics at value, not knowing what they really mean. Almost like a hypnosis cloud placed over
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