Concrete Quality Control Report

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20 Points zero tolerance Quality Control measures
Unlike other construction materials (i.e. steel, cement and admixtures) which are manufactured at factories in the controlled condition, the concrete is produced at site or OMC plant where the conditions may not be favorable every time. Also, the concrete is prepared by mixing of fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, cement, admixtures and water. The source of these materials, hence their properties, change very frequently which in turn effect the quality of the produced concrete.
All the structures are designed assuming a standard grade of concrete, thereby assuming certain minimum values of its strength and other physical parameters. To ensure the same in the structure, it becomes imperative
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temperature, humidity and wind play a vital role in the quality and strength of hardened concrete.
The following points must be ensured at site to produce the concrete of required strength:
1. In order to achieve full compaction and maximum density, it is necessary to use a mix with adequate workability.

2. To obtain maximum strength of the concrete a driest possible concrete should be produced and shall be compacted 100 %. This can be achieved by keeping Water/Cement (W/C) ratio at lower side. The strength of the hardened concrete is drastically reduces with increase in W/C ratio. Hence, W/C ratio should be strictly followed as per mix design.
Concrete of higher strength and better quality can, therefore, be made with the given cement by using less but sufficient water.
3. Curing of the concrete is paramount in achieving its strength. To get high quality concrete, the curing must be given higher importance. It is very essential to keep the concrete moist and warm enough. An efficient and un-interrupted curing is a must.

In the summer, due to combined effect of sun and drying wind concrete surfaces are likely to get dry thereby results in to inferior quality of concrete. Hence, wet covering and proper water curing must be ensured to get the quality

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