2001 A Space Odyssey Analysis

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2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY BRIEF IN-DEPTH STORY OF THE FILM 2001: A space odyssey is a Science Fiction classic genre released, directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick in the year 1968, and probably considered as the best science-fiction film of all time about man’s exploration of space and ourselves. The film is a story of human evolution based on a short story called ‘Sentinel’ written by Arthur C. Clarke. The movie consists of 3 main parts: pre-history, the future and technology, and back to earth. The story goes from prehistorical times where men and nature were at peace with each other until a black rectangular shaped called monolith appears. This is a pivotal moment in human evolution after which we discover tools which we decide to use for killing and survival. The second part is about how our knowledge has evolved to a point where we 've conquered the planet and how a new tool in the likes of an intelligent supercomputer by name (HAL) becomes self-aware deciding to kill one of the astronauts on board, thus quite a mind-blowing twist from the first part. The third part has to do with our next step in the evolutionary process that leads the remaining astronaut (Dave Bowman) back to earth after facing our truly uneventful life in a fictitious reality of our own construct. The film suggests that machines do not necessarily do what they are told all the time and that mankind is not inevitably progressing to greater wisdom. RELEVANT CHARACTERS IN THE FILM The film produces
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