2005 Hermann Trophy-Personal Narrative Essay

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Have you ever heard of the Hermann Trophy? Maybe you have not, but I know you know about the Heisman Trophy for football. While the Heisman recognizes the top player in football, the Hermann recognizes the top collegiate soccer player. Jason Garey, the winner of the 2005 Hermann Trophy, is from Ascension Parish and was trained by his father, Rick Garey. I, too, have had the privilege to train with him for six-years. When I was a ten-year-old, high-pitched voiced, four-foot tall boy I experienced opportunity of a lifetime to work with Coach Garey. Approaching his house for the first time, my mom and I drove down what seemed like a drop off the top of a roller coaster. Once we reached the bottom of his driveway, we were on rocks and cracked pieces of concrete. A small blue cozy house had a large gold truck, parked to the right, just behind a shed. The dog Mutay, greeted me…show more content…
I had thought that his virus would be the worst thing that would happen between us, but one dark rainy, humid day he called me. I was studying one of the millions of things he instilled in me was that school came before sports and during this call he told me news that I did not want to hear. The news gave me despair and would change my life. He told me, “Ian, I acquired family land, and I will be moving away, which means we can no longer train, but you can train till the day before I move.” A call so simple that seemed to stop time for me. I wanted him to stay and watch me develop my skills. I hoped no one would buy his house, and my anger flared because my mentor would soon be leaving my life. I quickly came to the realization that he was leaving for good, which meant I would need to remember everything he had taught me over the six years of being with him. Now that I am able to drive, every time I pass his house, memories of joy, happiness, and then sadness creeps in, and I wish he would still be
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