2081 Better Than Our Society Analysis

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Is the futuristic American society of 2081 more equal than our society than ours today.

I think that it is actually worst than our own society of 2017. Maybe it will be right as it should be.The year was 2081 everyone thinks it would be perfect. What if your predictions were wrong. The year was 2081 and everyone was considered “equal”. “Smart people” had to wear handicaps and weights. “The dumb people” would forget when they cry.The “Beautiful” people had to wear masks.The future will never let anyone be equal as much as they do or did.

The future will never be equal no matter who does it or what people think they did. In the third paragraph it says , Hazel with the perfect average intelligence she couldn 't think about anything except in
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On the third page second paragraph it says ,If i tried to get away with it said George then other people gets away with it and then pretty soon we will be in the dark ages again with everybody competing against everybody.This is basically talking about how people might go to the “dark ages” for doing what 's comfortable for them. Also on page three paragraph 7 it says , Harrison Bergeron age fourteen she said in a grackle squawk has just escaped from jail , where we watched in suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government.He is a genius and an athlete he is underweighted and would be regarded as very dangerous. They are basically sounds to me that their reality just punished for thinking of what they want and believe and when you 're under handicapped you are considered “dangerous for speaking your mind. On page 4 second paragraph it says, Scrap metal washing over him. Ordinary there a certain symmetry , a military neatness to the handicaps issued to strong people but Harrison looked liked a walking junkyard.In the race of life Harrison carried three hundred pounds.Really “walking junkyard” “three hundred pounds” there doing all of this just for being strong and expressing your own opinion on something and doesn 't agree with the ways are.No matter where you go or where you hide you will never be considered
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