21 Day Therapy Case Study

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On this date worker spoke with Ms. Rosalita Thomas at Meadowview Nursing Home in Bessemer. She stated her father Mr. Roosevelt Thomas was at the nursing home receiving 21-day therapy due to muscle weakness, malnourishment, and dehydration. According to Ms. Rosalita, her father called her on June 30, 2016 and asked her to come get him. When she arrived, she asked to take her father out to lunch. According to Ms. Rosalita Thomas, Donnie was intoxicated and would not allow Mr. Thomas to leave with Ms. Rosalita Thomas. However, she told Donnie she would bring back some beer and they could sit down and get to know each other, Donnie agreed. After leaving with her father, they went to a hotel and gave Mr. Thomas a bath because he smelt of urine
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