21 Day Training Plan Essay

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For the second week of my i-search research, I researched by watching videos, reading from books, and by doing a training plan. I researched on offensive skills like crossovers, finishing at the rim, and shooting form. I also a chapter of a book called “ 21st Century Guide To Individual Skill Development” by Brian McCormick. I watched videos from a variety of YouTube channels including Howard Elite Basketball, Professorlive, Get Handles Basketball and ILovebasketballTV. I also started the 21 day training program from the book “How To Be Better At Basketball In 21 days” by James Wilson.

This week I learned about topics related to shooting form, dribbling, and layups. I watched two videos by Howard Elite Basketball and ILovebasketballTV on how to get better shooting form. I learned key points like how there’s no single perfect shooting form and that everyone 's form is unique. I also learned that you generate power from your lower body, and that you should have a
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Unfortunately I only got through day one of the program because I injured my toe which has sidelined me. The day I did of the program was very long and took approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes. I will likely make adjustments to the training program to make it shorter. The 21 day program felt very productive. I did a lot of challenging drills which were pushing my skills to the limit. Some of these drills included the mikan drill,which helps your layups, the ball handling circuit which improves dribbling skills, and the 1-2-3 five block circuit which works on you shooting. I also read a chapter of the book “21st century guide to individual skill development” by Brian McCormick. The chapter I read focused on lifestyle choices that can help your basketball skills. One of the tips the chapter talked about was how important sleep was for getting better at basketball. Unfortunately, most of the chapter was very boring and most tips seemed rather
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