21 Jump Street Jonah Hill Analysis

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In the movie 21 Jump Street Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum team up as undercover cops to take down a drug dealer. They are two young men that have to go back to high school, little do they know that high school is not the way it used to be. Their friendship is tested as well as their loyalty to their job and to each other, with the reoccurring question of, how far would you go for a friend? This movie made $137.18 million dollars total. When you get two of the biggest stars in Hollywood to team up and make a action/comedy these numbers are expected. Channing Tatum being the young handsome actor and Jonah Hill being one of the most funny and successful actors in Hollywood. This movie was made for younger people, who love comedy/action. This movie follows a typical action/comedy storyline. Two people who start out as best friends and go through some sort of problem where their friendship is put to some sort of test. In this movie, these 2 young officers are assigned to go undercover as high school kids to try and see who is dealing the drugs. Schmidt (Jonah Hill) was a nerd in high school and was not so popular, Jenko (Channing Tatum) was a popular and well liked athlete in high school. Now when they go back to high school as undercover cops, the roles have switched and…show more content…
This movie also takes place in a high school environment. It shows 3 friends in their senior year wanting to be popular, they decide to throw a huge party but it turns out to be the biggest party ever thrown. Thomas, Costa, And J.B. are the main characters in this movie. Thomas just wanted a little party at his house to be popular and because his parents were gone for the weekend. The 3 friends end up having the time of their lives on that night, with police busting the party and the house burning down, they all stuck together and all stood by each other. Thomas’s house ends up getting completely destroyed and his parents end up finding
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