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21 Jump Street is an action comedy starring Jonah Hill as Morton Schmit and Channing Tatum as Greg Jenko. 21 Jump Street is an adaptation of a 1987 police crime drama starring Jonny Depp as youthful undercover officers inspecting suspicious crime going throughout high school, colleges and other teen hangouts. In the film, first set in 2005, Schmit and Jenko both miss due to Schmit being rejected by the girl of his dreams and Jenko bullying him while Jenko can’t go because he has failed his classes. Fast forward seven years and they meet each other at the Police Academy. After discovering their strengths and weaknesses they become friends to help each other. After graduating they are put on park duty. The soon catch a break by busting the One-Percenter, a vicious motorcycle gang, for some illegal drug. After arresting the learder, Domingo (DeRay Davis), they are forced to realse him due to Jenko failing to read him his Miranda Rights. After the incident they are reassigned to a revived program from the 1980s know as 21 Jump Street. Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) gives them a case to stop the spread of…show more content…
They get into the car and arrive in a dark alley. Eric tells them he is scared of getting busted because of the accident on the freeway and he doesn’t know who to trust. Unsuspecting of their identity he recites them as his security for a drug trade that is going to happen the night of prom. At prom Schmit finds Molly intoxicated with HFS. He tells her se needs to leave and he reveals his true identity to her. At the trade Jenko and Schmit are unaware and surprised to find out the “supplier” is the physical educational teacher, Mr. Walters (Rob Riggle). Mr. Walters revealed e mad the drug by accident and started selling because his salary wasn’t doing him justice. He recruited Eric because he blackmailed him into doing it after he finds him smoking marijuana at

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