Barrel Energy 24-Hour Work System: A Case Study

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In an organization, getting the best out of both the management and employees is important towards ensuring that the organization performs to achieve its objectives. The performance management process revolves around ensuring that a project in question succeeds through constant working and monitoring of the process. The performance management process has three phases which include; Planning, discussion and performance evaluation. (BC Government, 2014) The figure below shows the performance management process in an organization that is very effective. This paper will be looking at how Barrel Energy implement the 24 hour working system, challenges faced and how they can improve in their service delivery to the vast clients they have. The Chart above has been retrieved from the Cornell University Website under the performance Management Process page. (Halladay, Burkgren, and Sheridan, 2009). Barrel Energy 24 hour system
Located in Dubai, Barrel Energy is among the leading supplier of petroleum product distribution services, transportation and emergency servicing around the UAE. It services more than 100 clients including Jumeirah group, Emirates, Siemens, and TNT among other large
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As seen above, Barrel Energy started a 24 hour working system which was eventually implemented successful even through some challenges due to the implementation of the Performance Management Process. Getting to constant contact with the employees has been seen as the key toward success in implementing a project. This is because employees are at the best position to bring out the problems from which management can easily solve and get some solutions from the employees too. Therefore, working with the employees when implementing a project for improved performance within a company should be the answer to success in any

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