24 Hour Technology Essay

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In preparation for my 24-hour technology free-day, I have started to plan such an event by writing out a list of things I need to accomplish beforehand. These, of course, are being taken down on my phone, to which I have already started to appreciate. As of now, I have taken out and set up my brand new 2-year-old alarm clock, messaged friends, family and girlfriend several times. I emphasize several due to their initial reactions of confusion, laughter, and then dissention into the realization that I was completely serious of my planned disappearance next week. Most of them were understanding and promised to maybe still be my friend afterward. My upmost priority now is to print off all the homework I can complete while offline and stress over…show more content…
I wake up and look at my phone, the last thing I do before going to bed is watch YouTube, and the rest of my day consist of various uses of communications and entertainment via these technological outlets. That being said, I feel I have little time left over to actually read a book and the speed at which I read seems to have decreased. Throughout my day I found myself drawn to technology when I was alone. When not eating or socializing with friends I found myself needing to fill this void of time. This both scared me and allowed me to see just how much I am controlled by my phone and laptop, to the point that I found myself reaching for my pocket when I had spare time and then, when not finding it, having a moment of panic followed by a realization again of the assignment I was doing. As the day progressed I tried to fill my time with activities; I went for a walk, and then to the gym, met with a friend, and discovered the more I moved and interacted with others the less I focused on my gaming device and checking my laptop for virtual messages. Although, I did find it quite hard to check the time, something I wasn’t used to, yet what had surprised me most about this assignment was that my conversation with friends and strangers were more personal. I asked better questions. I listened more intently. Frankly, I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t want to stop
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