26 Day Leadership Development Essay

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Are you ready to move on to the next level? Are you tired of being passed for promotion? Are you ready to be that leader that everyone admires? If you answered yes, this is the guide for you. This leadership development guide is formulated to develop first-line supervisor’s leadership skills. This 26 day leadership development guide will provide valuable information and daily tips to improve your leadership skills. Every day we will provide you with a daily challenge that will include focusing on a leadership trait and an end of day evaluation to measure your progress during this 26 day leadership development guide. At the end of this 26 day leadership program you will become improve your personal leadership abilities and become a
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Today you will complete a table identifying your strengths and weaknesses. This is a helpful activity, every person should know their capacities and their areas of improvement. Although most people will focus on weaknesses, understand that your strengths are as equally as important as your weaknesses. When describing your strengths and weaknesses, try writing down anything that comes to mind. After writing try to arrange it by using attributes instead of sentences. For example, if the people around you can depend on you, you can simply described this as authentic or trustworthy. If you tend to not listen to anyone that has opposing views, then it can be described as close-minded. Your strengths and weaknesses are important because they make up who you are, how you operate, and ultimately give you an understanding of what jobs are the right ones for you. By knowing your strengths you can choose activities that allows you to unleash that ability and by knowing your weaknesses you can understand your potential limitations or areas that need improvement. Most people spend time focusing on their areas of improvement but the time should be spend focusing on your special abilities you already have. By doing so it will boost your

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