26 Kiss Anna Brussels Character Analysis

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Character Essay
Have you ever heard of the 26 kisses challenge? Well in 26 Kisses by Anna Michaels, Vi created the challenge over the summer for something to do after she had a chronic break up with Mark. The way the challenge works is that you have to kiss 26 guys (one for every letter of the alphabet) during a certain time period.
I imagine Vias with smooth, pale skin, blue eyes, and the most beautiful brown hair, in braids all the time. I also image Vi wearing jean-shorts and a T-shirt all summer long. When Vi goes to the Float and Boat, I picture her wearing non-jean-shorts. In the book, Vi dresses up for some special occasions such as her dad and Lila’s (Lila is Vi’s dad’s fiance) engagement party, their family reunion with the biggest

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