26th President Theodore Roosevelt

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When I say the name Teddy, you might think of a teddy bear, but I think about Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th president. Theodore or Teddy had three other siblings and he had cardiovascular disease, also he was homeschooled. During his adulthood, he had many jobs. For example, he was a cowboy, police officer, Vice President, and then he was our country’s President. Theodore saved football. A famous quote we should live by is, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” This was stated on May 24th, 1904 by Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy was born with cardiovascular disease.

Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City on October 27, 1858. Theodore grew up at 28 East 20th street in New York City. Theodore as a child grew up while the Civil War was happening. He also attended Harvard and Columbia Universities. Theodore was also, born with cardiovascular disease. His siblings were Anna, Corinne, and Elliott Roosevelt. His parents were Theodore Sr. and Martha Roosevelt.

After Theodore’s grandparents death he went on to be a cowboy for a few years. Theodore was a hunter and he liked it because he was smiling over a dead bear. Theodore also was in the Navy before he was president. With Theodore's family being rich it gives
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Theodore put an end to the Russo-Japanese War, for which he also won a Nobel Prize. Theodore led The Great White Fleet (American Navy) on a tour to American power. Theodore saved modern football because it was killing people and he just saved it. Theodore was the youngest president in history back then. Theodore also was the Republican Party when he ran for presidency.

Now that you know about Theodore Roosevelt, will you think of him more. Some famous quotes from Theodore is, “A vote is like a rifle, it's usefulness depends upon the character of the user.” This quote means to me that it doesn't matter about the weapon or material it depends upon the person using
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