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Hollywood movies have a tendency to glorify drug use and drinking. Due to this, finding films that are ideal for addiction counselors and addicts can be a challenging activity. Out of all of the movies with realistic portrayals of addiction, the following five films are some of the best.

1. 28 Days

This film hit the theaters in 200. It stars Sandra Bullock, Dominic West and Viggo Mortenson. In the movie, Sandra Bullock plays a successful journalist with a drug and alcohol addiction. She manages to keep her life fairly in balance for a while, but everything devolves at her sister's wedding. Arriving drunk, she ruins the wedding before crashing a limousine into a house. The courts send her to rehab where she begins a path of self-discovery that is marked by a few corny scenes and sobering moments. Overall, 28 Days is one of the best movies for addiction
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In the film, Ben Sanderson is an alcoholic who has lost everything in life. His wife left with his son, and Ben was fired shortly afterward. Cashing out on all of his accounts, he moves to Las Vegas with the goal of drinking himself to death. While there, he meets a prostitute named Sera (Elisabeth Shue). After meeting him for a few times, she agrees to keep him company as he spirals into a deep alcoholism. The end is not a surprise, but the immense emotional turmoil it portrays leaves you thinking about the movie for days afterward.

4. Requiem for a Dream

Starring Jared Leto, Marlon Wayans and Jennifer Connelly, this film is quite graphic about drug addictions. Unlike most movies, it shows the dark side of drug use instead of glorifying it. Set in Brooklyn, the film shows a collection of recreational drug users who quickly become addicts. As their addictions become worse, they end up inhabiting the seedy underworld of Coney Island. Dark, intriguing and emotionally draining, this film is one of the best about addictions.

5. Drugstore
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