295 Social Work Experience

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My 295 experience has provided me with exceptional experiences that I can apply in any work setting. My internship during my first year of the MSW program was at the Transitional Community Opportunities for Recovery & Engagement (TCORE) while my second year placement was at the UC Davis Medical Center in the department of Clinical Social Services. I believe that my 295 experience during the MSW program has helped me grow as a social worker. I would rate my clinical (direct) practice training as average. In my opinion, my field placements provided me with some clinical practice training, but not compared to other placements. I believe my relationship with the agencies I have worked with has remained positive, and I believe my relationship with my practicum instructors has been satisfactory. Overall, I rate my practicum experience as exceeding my expectations.
When entering my field work placement this year, I was hoping to receive the experience of working in an inpatient setting that would prepare me for my future as a social worker. I was expecting to learn more about the resources available in the Sacramento area in order to provide them to my clients in the
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How do social workers practice self care when they are out of the office? I have tried to ask these questions to the social workers in my internship and everyone has given me a vague answer that makes me wonder how much social workers are actually taking care of themselves outside of work. Self-care is something that we are taught about constantly during the program and it’s interesting to hear about how some social workers agree they need to practice more self care. I believe I still have these questions because I am still trying to figure out how I can take care of myself more
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