2b02b Kurt Vonnegut Analysis

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The story, “2BR02B” by Kurt Vonnegut tells the story of a world where there is controlled population, old aged and diseases were overcome, and the world was seemingly positive. In this place humans call their home, certain people volunteer to ie, and the population continued to stay controlled. The Wehling family are expecting three triplets, but they must need to find 3 people to sacrifice. Dr.Hitz, Leora Duncan, and the father of the newborn children are killed, with the painter creating an amazing mural willing to be killed after seeing all the deaths unfold. This leads to the question, is the world really worth sacrificing yourself for others? In this text, the message best told in the story is, not everything comes easy, even when you’re happy.…show more content…
Edward K. Wehling Jr, is the name of the happy father-to-be.” This shows that the father was very happy and excited to have his first children, but there is one problem, the Wehling’s did not have enough people to volunteer to die. “Triplets if they were all to live, called for three volunteers.” “Last I heard, they had one, and were trying to scrape another two up.” This shows that the Wehling’s could not have their children unless they find another two volunteers. Wouldn’t it just be easier to have 3 children, no problem? Well in this complicated case a world they live in with a law that states, “...no newborn child could survive unless the parents of the child could fine someone who would volunteer to die.” This shows that even when there is a happy moment occuring, the simple things in life cannot be enjoyed, and and the simplest pleasures cannot come easy/ to the advantage of the
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