2br2b Kurt Vonnegut Analysis

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“To be or not to be” is one of Shakespears most line. Almost everyone has heard it said before. The story “2BRØ2B”, by Kurt Vonnegut’s this in a very abriviated way. The story is about an almost perfect world with no crime, no war, no cripples, and many other bad things that take place in society today. The biggest positive is that there is no more aging and people can live forever if they wanted to. There is one draw back to the society though. The population must stay the same. It can not be higher than forty million people. This is a problem when one family has triplets and can’t get people to volunteer to die so they can keep all there children. Eventually the father shoots two people and then himself so all the children can survive. The theme of this text “2BRØ2B” is that all good things in life have downsides.…show more content…
The best example is when the doctor brings the news that the children have been born. The text, “2BRØ2B” by Kurt Vonnegut states, “‘Guess what was just born.’ he said. ‘I can’t,’ she said. ‘Triplets!’ he said. ‘Triplets!’ she said. She was exclaiming over the legal implications of triplets. The law states that no newborn child could survive unless the parents of the child could find someone who would volunteer to die. Triplets if they were all to live, called for three volunteers.” (lines 65-69). The happy times of children being born is ruined by having people die. This connects to the theme by giving the reader a happy event of triplets being successfully born and then crushes the readers spirits and gives the bad thing that three people must die because of that. This is an obvious case of the theme, all good things in life have down sides. If people didn’t have to die this would be all happy and positive. But, people do have to die so the children can
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