2bri02b By Kurt Vonnegut Analysis

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The Sci-Fi short story that is chose to read is “2BR02B” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Setting In this story, the cure for old age had been found and there is no limit to how long a person can live which resulted in population growth. Therefore, the population had to be controlled so in order for a person to be born, someone had to die voluntarily. The story states that the population of the United States was limited to forty million. The story takes place in a waiting room at the Chicago Lying-In Hospital, where Edward K. Wehling, Jr. is waiting for his wife to give birth. The x-ray shows that his wife is about to have triplets, however, he only had one person who was willing to die for one of his three children. He needed two more people for the other two. Being frustrated by the whole situation and the country’s population control system, he pulls out a gun a shoots the doctor, a lady from the Service Division and himself so his three children could live. Was it believable?…show more content…
The story was believable because in the story, it all makes sense. If there is a cure for aging, then there would be more people on the planet. People would still be able to die from car accidents, gunshot ( as illustrated in the story when Wehling shot two people and then himself), or even drowning, but no one died from old age. As a result of this, the population would grow because older folk would be able to live another hundred years, while at the same time, more babies are being brought into the world. The would of course try to solve this issue by controlling the population, which they did to forty million
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