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Kurt Vonnegut in “2BRO2B” introduces a nearly perfect world controlled by the government, a world with no prison, poverty, wars or diseases. People no longer grow older due to new drugs, and for new babies to live, adults have to volunteer to die. In the short story Kurt uses Sentiment and reality to reveal the personality of the specific character. Sentiment can be defined as a feeling of emotion. Reality is the way things actually exist. In the short story “2BRO2B”, Kurt Vonnegut introduces a theme of Reality versus Sentiment through the specific characters in the story. In the beginning of the short story the painter in “2BRO2B” represents the sentiment view point of life whereas people like the hospital orderly represent the reality view…show more content…
Hitz is forcing Mr. Wehling to face the reality of the situation, but using sentiment Mr. Wehling sees the situation as being unfair to him. Dr. Hitz becomes rather severe with Mr. Wehling, towering over him. “You don't believe in population control, Mr. Wehling?” he says. “I think it's perfectly keen,” says Wehling tautly. (Vonnegut). Dr Hitz does not understand the hard decision Mr. Wehling has to face; he does not care about people; he only cares about the figures. The reality is that Mr. Wehling has to choose which of the babies to be born, but he does not believe that a father has to choose which of his children to die. When he refers to population control as being perfectly keen, it can be because of the impossible decision that people like Mr. Wehling have to face. The reality of the world they live in catches up to Mr. Wehling and he has to make a choice, but due to sentiment he does not want to make a choice of who is going to live. “I want those kids,” said Wehling quietly. “I want all three of them… I don't want my grandfather to die, either,” (Vonnegut). Even if Mr. Wehling chooses one of the babies, he is going to feel guilty for the two of the babies he killed. Saving one life and taking away two lives including his Grandfather is not worth it to

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